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1. Fonts
All fonts must please be converted to Curves / paths. We can not import pdf files if fonts are still active. We don’t have the same fonts on our computers as what you use. Please always insure that this is done. You are welcome to mention the fonts you used in your order email for reference in other projects.
2. Palleted Fills / Lenses / Gradients /Symbols
We have noticed importing Adobe pdfs onto our runs that these objects tend to jump around or loose some of its properties which it was design in originally thus we ask you to either convert these objects to 300dpi jpeg  / or flatten them in your program.
3. Bitmaps
All Bitmaps must be converted to a 300dpi CMYK colour object  –  NO RGB BITMAPS WILL BE ACCEPTED.
If a RGB bitmap goes to print and colour is not correct the client will held responsible for payment.


4. Files we work with
We work with Ai, Print ready – Pdf’s – and CMYK 300dpi Jpegs.
Word / Publisher / Paint  files is subject to an additional “conversion” fee to be quoted separately.
Please also name your files correctly (front and back).
All files in email must be attachments NO jpegs inside an email message will be used for printing.
5. Bleeds and sizes of Cards and Flyers
All business cards consist of the 3 following areas:
1. Safe typing area
   Safe area works on 85 x 45mm  – make sure all your text mainly are inside this area.

2. Final Trimmed Size (know of final size of job)
   The final cutting size of the business cards are 90mm x 50mm

3. Bleed area (THE TOTAL SIZE ARTWORK SHOULD BE & of which the blade cuts into)
   The bleed area is 93mm x 53mm  which will include your background of card / image.

Please see image below for correct and wrong sized cards. The wrong one did not leave enough bleed, thus if we stretch it, the wording will get cut off.

Other Design Sizes
A5 FLYER Total size – including bleed: 216mm x 154mm
Final trimmed size: 210mm x  148mm
Safe area size: 204mm x  142mm

A4 FLYER Total Size – including bleed: 216mm x 303mm
Final trimmed size: 210mm x  297mm
Safe area size: 202mm x  289mm
6. Use of standard black and Rich Black

Printers prefer to use standard solid true black when printing text and other black objects. It runs on one plate and the registration is 100%
accurate and crisp.
But some designers tend to use the mixture of CMYK black ( also called rich black), it give a nice dark effect but is very tricky and a headache to
Any machine minder.
We strongly recommend not to use 100 Cyan  |  100 Magenta  |  100 Yellow | 100 Black
If something goes slightly off print on 1 or 2 of the colour plates the imperfection becomes very clearly and the text show up fussy and unreadable.

We also recommend to use 80 Cyan | 10 Magenta | 10 Yellow and | 100 black but non of the breakdowns has ever been proven successfully.
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